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The Most Employable Cities in America (Infographic)

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Jun 0
The Most Employable Cities in America (Infographic) Planning to emigrate to the US? Depending on where you choose to live, your job prospects can vary quite a lot. For the majority of migrants, job availability is a huge factor – if not a primary concern – when moving abroad. Therefore, it

Immigrants Who Became Successful in America (infographic)

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Mar 0
People who aren’t born in America but work hard to get here are more successful than the average American. This infographic looks at six amazing stories of people who came to America with nothing and were incredibly driven to find success. Read more now!

The Complete Story of Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies

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Feb 0
The immigration policies of Donald Trump have been the cause of much controversy. He has enacted three immigration policies since becoming president, but it was the ‘travel ban’ that caused the most debate. Learn about all of Donald Trump’s policies on immigration in the infographic now.

How to Get a Job with a Criminal Record [Infographic]

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Dec 0
It can be hard enough to get a job at the best of times but having a criminal record can make it even harder. However, don’t give up hope just yet as there are things you can do to make employers look past a criminal record. It’s important to remember that we all make mistakes and if you show an

The Green Card Lottery

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Sep 0
The green card lottery gives people a chance to gain entry to the United States. (more…)

The Worlds Most Expensive Cities

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Jun 0
When considering moving to a new city there is so much to consider. Even if you have a good job lined up, you have to (more…)

Improving the Canadian Experience Class

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Nov 0
Ottawa, November 8, 2013 — Today, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced changes to improve the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) so that the program continues to attract top quality candidates. “The Canadian Experience Class has allowed more than 25,000 people to stay