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Immigration to the US

Immigrating to the USA is a goal for many people! Whether you are moving to the US permanently or relocating for work, you’ll undoubtedly have questions about the right visas and exactly what you need to prepare to make your dream a reality.

US Immigration Lawyer Calgary for all your Immigration Services

Before you start your US immigration journey, it’s invaluable to speak with a United States immigration lawyer who understands all areas of and categories of immigrating to the USA.

At Hansen & Company, we can help you from the outset with current and insightful information covering the specifics of documentation required, guidelines and restrictions to entry, and visa costs. As a law firm of experienced immigration lawyers and consultants, you will have multilingual support with personalised, informative and accurate services.

Our inclusive services have been developed and proven for a diverse range of cases. Hansen & Company have worked with clients immigrating to the US from:

  • Europe
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Cuba
  • United Kingdom
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • India
  • China
  • Iran

Hansen & Company are here to assist you with all areas of your immigration to the USA.

Our Immigration Services comprise all aspects of moving to the US

For anyone considering a United States immigration, it’s important to know that there are essentially two reasons why people travel to the USA – for business or for pleasure.

For PleasureTemporary Visitors to the US
For the most part, little documentation is needed when Canadians are traveling to the US for pleasure purposes. We need to show proof of citizenship—this includes a passport, a citizenship card or, if you were born in Canada, your birth certificate. For people who are not Canadian citizens, more documentation may be required, and you should check with US immigration authorities regarding the requirements for your country of citizenship.
As a Canadian, one can enter the US as a temporary visitor for up to 6 months. This is not to say that as long as you show that you’ll be returning within 6 months that you will be guaranteed entry. Especially in the case of extended visits, US immigration authorities may require proof of your ties to your home country—a job, a house, a car, bank accounts, etc. They may also require proof of how you intend to support yourself while visiting in the US through the presentation of proof of funds in your account, employment, and so forth.
For BusinessBusiness Visitors to the US
When traveling to the US for business purposes, you can fall under 2 categories—those who require work visas and those who don’t—and whether you require a work visa is determined by factors such as what you will be doing in the US, whether you’ll be paid for it and by whom. Examples of people who enter the US for business purposes but do not require a work visa would include those who are attending meetings with prospective clients and business associates and those attending training sessions. These people would fall under the B-1 business visitor visa category.
For many people, however, their business purposes in the US will require them to obtain work authorizations or work visas. We have lawyers at Hansen & Company who are vastly experienced in US immigration law and they can help you to arrange everything.

Immigration Lawyers & Consultants helping you understand Admissibility for the US

A key concern for many of our clients is how to understand the specifics of admission when it comes to planning a visit to the US or permanent US immigration.

Guidelines for Entry to the US

Regardless of whether a person seeks entry for pleasure or business, he/she may still be refused entry to the United States due to previous criminal convictions and/or immigration violations. Admissibility is an issue which is considered separate from tourist or work visas. An applicant may be perfectly qualified for a particular type of work visa, but if the applicant is inadmissible due to a past criminal conviction, he/she may not be approved for the work visa or allowed entry to use the work visa until he/she has proceeded through the proper channels of dealing with his/her inadmissibility with the USCIS.

For people with past criminal convictions and/or immigration violations who wish to travel to the US or to other countries, they may be required to obtain a record suspension (pardon) and/or waiver. Our expert team of lawyers can advise on how this will impact your chances of immigration to the US.

Let our US Immigration Lawyers in Calgary help you with your United State Immigration

Get in touch with Hansen & Company immigration lawyers in Canada, who can give you all the information you need based on your personal circumstances. We can help you to find a resolution and answer all your questions about moving to the US with translation services, discretion and detail-oriented assistance for swift management of your immigration situation.

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