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Litigation and Personal Injury Lawyers, Calgary

Have you been involved in an accident, or been injured due to someone else’s negligence?

Have you undergone suffering because of the actions of another?

Are you losing work because of your injuries or to attend therapy?

Did a loved one lose his/her life due to someone else’s carelessness?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of those questions, here is another question for you: Who is going to compensate you for your losses and pain?

Why Choose Hansen and Company, Personal Injury Lawyers in Calgary

Your insurance company will cover some of the costs, but should it be your insurance going up, or should the negligent party be paying for your troubles? As experienced and professional PersonalInjury Lawyers in Calgary, we will help to obtain an equitable settlement, to help compensate you for your losses and pain. We don’t get a cent unless you get what you deserve.

Please complete this motor vehicle accident questionnaire, and return it to us for an evaluation without obligation. If you suffered personal injury arising from circumstances other than a motor vehicle accident, please adapt the questionnaire as appropriate to your circumstances.

Motor Vehicle Accident

First, obtain medical attention. Second, contact your family and employer. Third, contact the Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer of your choice.

You have the right to be “put in the same position” as if the accident had not occurred. This may mean compensation for pain and suffering, fair market compensation for your vehicle, compensation for lost wages, and compensation for loss of earning capacity, compensation for loss of social life, household services, medical attention, and out-of-pocket expenses. Only experienced lawyers can canvass the kinds of compensation you are entitled to. You may be surprised to discover that you are entitled to substantial compensation.

At one time soft tissue injuries were not well understood or generally accepted. However modern medicine has come to recognize whiplash, soft tissue, fibromyalgia, TMJ, TMD or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, back pain, and a host of other injuries from accident as well as orthopaedic or bony injuries.

Assessing loss of housekeeping or earning capacity is not a well-defined science but the courts now recognize these losses and your lawyer is responsible to consider compensation for these losses as well as the kinds of proof that the courts will consider in that regard.

Slip and Fall Accident

Accidents may occur on parking lots or stores or parks or many different locations where a person slips and falls and suffers an injury. Quite often these injuries take the form or broken bones, twisted ankles, or whiplash (soft tissue) type injuries. Contacting a lawyer as soon as you have seen a doctor is very important because the lawyer needs to collect evidence of the scene before the evidence is removed or altered.

The compensation awarded is similar to motor vehicle accidents.


If you have been injured by assault, either physically or psychologically, you may be entitled to criminal injuries compensation. Compensation for sexual assault of young person’s tends to be very high. Criminal injury compensation for police officers injured in the line of duty tends to be quite substantial.

Fatality of A Loved One

Should a loved one die because of the negligence of another, you are entitled to bereavement benefits, funeral costs and certain other expenses and you have a claim in certain circumstances for future loss of income and other losses.

It is not easy to think of money during this time of grief, but it is fair that the guilty party should cover some of your losses to ease the financial burden that was brought about by the third party’s careless act.

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