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Why Choose Hansen & Company as your Corporate Lawyer in Calgary?

We can look after your incorporation in Canada, the United States and worldwide. At Hansen & Company, we have over 25 years of experience dealing with all areas within corporate law and commercial law. You may also have heard this be called business law and our lawyers have a wealth of experience dealing with all types of businesses. Running a business is difficult and having to worry about the laws that govern your business is not something you want to add to it. Give Hansen & Company a call if you’re looking for a corporate lawyer you can trust in Calgary, Alberta.

Our Role As Your Corporate Lawyer in Calgary

Depending on the jurisdiction, Incorporation can be done in as little as 1 hour or as long as 2 weeks. Prices vary according to the jurisdiction of incorporation. Please contact us for a free estimate of the cost of incorporating a new company or registering an existing corporation in another province, state or country.

For example, a private Alberta corporation with several classes of unlimited numbers of shares, including voting, non-voting and preferred, and organization of a minute book would cost (excluding 5% GST – Canadian Goods and Services Tax):

Government Fee
$150 CDN
NUANS Name Search for all corporations wishing to incorporate by a distinctive name rather than by number
$45 CDN
Incorporation Fee
$1000 CDN
Total : $1000 CDN
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Registration – Business Number (BN)
$100 CDN
Total : $1295 CDN

We can act as registered office for your corporation in Alberta, the address to which all government and legal notices will be sent. We can arrange for registered offices in other places through our existing network. This includes the preparation and filing of the governmental returns and preparation of any necessary corporate documents. Our annual fee for this service is currently $300 CDN. We can act as nominee Canadian directors of your corporation if you have insufficient Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident directors.

If you have any questions regarding business law please contact our Calgary based corporate lawyers now.