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Allan MacAulay - Regional Manager TEAM Eastern Canada Heat Treating

We “TEAM Industrial Services – TISI Canada Inc.” recently had a situation in which we had a US employee refused entry at the Canadian border late on a Thursday afternoon. We had been bringing this highly specialized employee to Canada approximately once every year to two years since 2009 to supervise a very technical job. Due to changes in Canadian immigration law, the way we had been processing his work visa was no longer acceptable.

The situation was critical and very time sensitive, with the project starting the next evening (Friday). Our sister division recommended HANSEN & COMPANY to assist us with our visa issues.

We contacted Gary Hansen late Thursday afternoon. Gary and his team immediately went to work, gathered all required information, worked late Thursday evening and by the following afternoon we not only had the visa requested, but a three year multiply entry visa for this employee.

Very professional people and excellent service.

Allan MacAulay - Regional Manager TEAM Eastern Canada Heat Treating
Luis Fernando González Ascencio

I’m very happy and grateful with all the people from Hansen & Company that help me with all my applications (work permits, visas and PR).
The service was great, everyone is very professional, friendly and respectful. I have no complains at all.
Highly recommended!

Luis Fernando González Ascencio
Michael DaSilva

Thanks and again, great work this year to you and Ying. She was awesome to deal with and would highly recommend your firm.

Michael DaSilva
Xiaorong Deng

Hansen & Company provides very professional immigration services. I knew it through a friend of mine who already received very satisfied immigration service. I am more than happy to recommend it to anybody who is seeking such help.

Xiaorong Deng
Al & Donna

Our case for my wife and stepson’s emigration to, and Permanent Residency in Canada was complex. At the time of Application I was a resident of the United States while my wife and stepson were residents of China.
Hanson and Co. accepted our case; they had a clear understanding of the issues, and exhibited the ability to cut through the red tape, getting things done. We are pleased with the results they achieved – Permanent Residency, in a timely manner, as per their original projections.
Our thanks again to Hansen & Company

Al & Donna
David Freeland

We first met with Veronica Choy of Hansen & Company in November 2003, where we explained the potential American and Canadian immigration issues our company would encounter when completing our plans for expansion to the United States. Since then, we have successfully obtained numerous work visas for our personnel and enjoyed a successful inaugural year for our US operations. Hansen & Company has also provided us with an “immigration game plan” for our company which has allowed us to plan ahead and conduct our operations in a manner which will prove most beneficial towards our long-term international business goals. They have provided us with knowledgeable advice and efficient service and we have not hesitated in recommending them to others with immigration needs.

David Freeland
Gerald & Celestina Klein

Hello Katherine,
I hope you and everyone at Hansen & Company are doing well.
Katherine, the last time I communicated with you was the night of December 10th, where I sent you a text message from my hotel in Calgary. It was a very exciting time for Celestina and I. Celestina was in flight to Vancouver from Manila, and I was enjoying a very happy, but sleepless night in my hotel room in Calgary, anticipating the time Celestina and I would meet in Vancouver the very next day.
To make a long story short, everything went very smooth in our flights. Celestina spent about 2 hours in Immigration when she landed in Vancouver. About 1 and 1/2 hours of that time was just waiting for her turn to go through Immigration, and the remaining time of about 1/2 hour actually going through Immigration. Everything went very smooth, and there were no complications.
What a joy it was to finally see her coming towards the waiting area after she was done going through Immigration! What a joyous reunion it was to finally see each other, husband and wife, after almost a year of being apart……and you are right Katherine, it was very worth it!… all the way!
After a few hours at the Vancouver airport, we boarded our connecting flight back to Calgary where we spent 3 days there, shopping and going to movies…(which both of us love doing together), and then travelling back to Saskatchewan where we have been spending our time together. I had taken 2 weeks off from my work so I could spend time with my wife, and to enjoy our first Christmas together, and to take care of some legalities like applying for Celestina’s health card, and getting her S.I.N. card, etc.

Katherine, it is not only the proper thing to do, but it is also mine and Celestina’s greatest pleasure to thank the many people who have helped Celestina and I in our incredible journey.
At the very top of the list are the incredible people at Hansen & Company. From the very humble introduction to Hansen & Co. by a friend of a friend, pointing the way to our need of help in achieving the incredibly complex goal of a successful immigration undertaking, this Company has been nothing short of amazing and professional in it’s services from beginning to end.
In it‘s professionalism, which was evident right from the start, in that very first consultation with Gary, who very politely and thoroughly discussed the immigration process with us. As he told us what was involved during the long process, and what would be required of my wife and I, as well as politely answering any questions we had, we felt there was much more than professionalism here, but also sincerity and experience in the words we heard being discussed with us.
In it‘s financial cost, Hansen & Co. was up front right from the start. We knew from the beginning that the cost for an Immigration undertaking would not be what most people would call “cheap“, but we can assure anyone, the cost of the services of Hansen & Co. are worth every penny. To be quite honest, my wife and I thought the financial cost of an undertaking such as ours, would be much more costly than it actually was. Also my wife and I would ask “what price can you put on bringing two people together who have a successful relationship, and are totally in love“? Priceless!
We also appreciate Hansen & Co. for outlining several very attractive terms in their policy of helping those who may not be able to pay the total cost of the undertaking in one payment. Even though my wife and I were very fortunate to be able to cover the total costs in one payment, thank you Hansen & Co., for offering this option.
In it’s personal ongoing help throughout the whole process, Hansen & Co. assigned to our case file Katherine Yon. My wife and I are sure that every employee at Hansen & Company is more than competent at his or her respective jobs, but do you know what? My wife and I would argue very strongly that we received your Companies best!
Katherine, you are the greatest! My wife Celestina and I thank you with all our heart for always being there. We thank you for always being prompt to answer our questions and concerns, sometimes I’m sure very dumb sounding questions from us. But you were always there with professionalism, and politeness, and sincerity and promptness.
Thank you for always waking with us, always by our side, helping us through the long journey of our immigration undertaking.
Hansen & Company, without a doubt, the acquiring of your services with all it’s professionalism, consistency, and personal concern for your clients, was on of the best decisions my wife and I will ever make.
Thank you Hansen and Company, on behalf of my wife Celestina and myself, we salute you!

Merry Christmas to all at Hansen and Company, and especially Gary and Katherine. My wife and I wish all of you a happy and joyous New Year!
all our best!

Gerald & Celestina Klein
Chang Yeon Shon

I have never regretted after I hired Hansen & Company for my work permit. I was always informed any updated news by Hansen & Company timely manner until I received my current work permit. I strongly recommend Hansen & Company to anyone who wants to apply for Canadian work permit.

Chang Yeon Shon