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Record Suspension (Pardon) Services in Canada

Understanding exactly how a criminal record, whether via a criminal conviction or criminal charges, can impact an individual is an important aspect of civic life. The specific definition is the official documentation of a person’s involvement with the criminal justice system, which, under the Criminal Code of Canada, can result in a criminal record due to:

  • Being charged with an offence; Or,
  • Being convicted (even of a minor offence)

Convictions and charges remain as a criminal record for the entirety of a person’s life.

How Do Suspensions (Pardons) & Waivers Work If You Have A Criminal Record?

A record of convictions or charges often impact on a person’s ability to:

  • Gain Employment: Employers often conduct a Criminal Record Check of a candidate’s background in Canada;
  • Entering Countries For Travel And/Or Work: Many countries require a border clearance or visitors to have a travel or work permit to enter the region, that is issued on the basis of a clear criminal record. If a clearance or permit is denied on the basis of a criminal record, this is permanently documented in that country or region’s database.

Your Expert Options For Suspensions (Pardons) & Waivers In Canada

An experienced legal firm can help with providing professional advice and assistance with assessing the extent of a criminal record and options for pardons and waivers.

If you have a criminal record, you may have heard about getting record suspensions (pardons) and waivers for work, travel, and other purposes. It is possible to get record suspension (Pardon) services in Canada but it is important to know the difference between the two so that you can apply for the one most suited to your needs. Hansen & Company are a trustworthy full service law firm in downtown Calgary providing respected guidance in Immigration and Criminal Waivers/Pardons.

Differentiating between Canadian Record Suspension (Pardon) & Waiver Services

Even if a person has a clear criminal record, the legal definitions for a Record Suspension and a Waiver are different.

Record Suspension (Pardon)A record suspension (pardon) is granted by the National Parole Board of Canada. It is a document which states that your criminal convictions have been pardoned and that your Canadian criminal record has been sealed.
A record suspension (pardon) is effective in Canada, but may not be recognized by foreign governments including the US.
WaiverDepending on the type of conviction you have and the length of time which has passed, the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service may require you to apply for a US Waiver.

Travelling or Moving To The US? A Waiver For Tourists Or Workers

  • The United States (US) can exercise its discretion to refuse you entry or require you to apply for a US waiver despite having obtained a record suspension (pardon).
  • There are waiting periods for obtaining a record suspension (pardon). If your conviction was a summary conviction, the waiting period is 3 years from the date your sentence was satisfied – when your jail time was satisfied or your fine was fully paid. If your conviction was indictable, the waiting period is 5 years from the date your sentence was satisfied. If you do not know if your convictions were summary or indictable, you can check with the courthouse in which you were convicted.
  • The current processing time for obtaining a record suspension (pardon) is approximately 18-24 months from the time your application is submitted. * Under extenuating and extraordinary circumstances, this process may be expedited upon submission of evidence of the reasons why the application must be processed within a shorter period of time.
  • American Waivers Of Inadmissibility

    • Once you have obtained a waiver, the US government knows that it has “checked you out” and deemed it appropriate for you to enter the United States. While your entry into the United States is still (and always) left to the discretion of the immigration officer at the point of entry, having a waiver is strong support in favour of your admission.
    • There are several forms required and supporting documents in the application process. Our office has 20 years of experience in applying for waivers and with US Immigration in general. We are aware of the things USCIS looks for when considering your application.
    • There are two separate processes for non-immigrant and immigrant waivers. If you are about to commence or have commenced the paperwork to apply for your permanent residency, you will need to apply for an immigrant waiver-even if you have previously been approved for a non-immigrant waiver.
    • At this time, the average processing time for a waiver ranges anywhere from 2 months to 6 months in the Montana district, which includes Alberta. There are different processing times in other USCIS districts.

    American Paroles For Emergency Travel

    If you have been deemed inadmissible to the US for criminality, immigration violations or other reasons, but are not able to obtain a waiver in time for your travel, the US CIS may allow you entry for temporary trips in extenuating circumstances such as medical, business or compassionate emergencies. The granting of paroles is highly discretionary. Please contact our office via the form below or via phone on (403) 261-6890 for more details and assistance with these services.

    General Inquiry

      Legal Services For Pardons, Waivers & Advice In Calgary, Canada

      Before you rush into anything, always seek the support and insights of qualified legal advisors regarding all pardons and waivers that are available to you in Canada. Gaining a thorough, informed understanding from an experienced legal firm about your options before you make any decisions is imperative.

      Calgary Legal Advice For Pardon & Waiver Services

      Hansen & Company are a law firm here to assist and advise you with your personal case for Record Suspensions (Pardons) and Waivers.

      Criminal records can seriously affect your ability to gain employment, eligibility for loans and insurance, travel prospects and even family legal disputes. It is essential to keep the following legal aspects and advice front of mind as you decide the best avenue for your circumstances:

      1. Criminal Law
        • Never plead guilty to any charge without getting advice first. You are facing criminal charges. Choosing the right lawyer is a very important decision.
        • In the 21st century, the effects of a criminal record can have serious consequences that can last a lifetime. These can affect everything from restricting your ability to travel to eliminating you from many employment opportunities. So, if the police are coming to talk to you or if you have already been charged, it is imperative that you get legal advice and help. Our pardon services will give you all the necessary information about travelling to the US from Canada, with a criminal record.

      2. When Should I Consult A Lawyer?
        • The sooner the better. There may be evidence which needs to be preserved. The passage of time can affect memory. Any potential witnesses should be identified and contacted shortly after the event. Witnesses’ statements are best obtained immediately after the event.

      3. Do I Need A Lawyer?
        • Legally you can represent yourself, however it is not recommended. Criminal law is complex, with increasingly harsh penalties. There are complicated procedural, evidentiary, constitutional and sentencing issues.
        • Your defence lawyer will be familiar with all of the issues surrounding the charges and the consequences you could face. Your defence counsel will get a disclosure of the case against you, including police notes and witnesses’ statements as well as negotiate with the prosecution for the withdrawal of charges, a lesser charge or a reduced sentence.

      4. How Much It Will Cost?
        • It is worth every penny to pick up the phone and speak with Hansen & Company for a helpful initial phone consultation. There is a minimum charge of 10 minutes for phone consultations, after 10 minutes the regular rate for the lawyer applies on a per minutes basis. There is a minimum charge of 30 minutes for in person consultations, after 30 minutes the regular rate for the lawyer applies on a per minutes basis.
        • During the initial consultation, we will make a first assessment of the case against you. Based on the assessment the lawyer will tell you an estimated fee. The lawyer’s hourly fee is $450.00. The total fee the lawyer charges depends on the complexity of your case. A major factor is the amount of time the lawyer will have to spend on your case. Taxes and expenses, including the expense of retaining an expert witness (if necessary) are additional to the fee. For true experts on the subject, our pardon services in Canada will explain everything you need to know.

      Hansen & Company Are Here To Help You With Your Pardons & Waivers Case

      Our friendly legal firm will put your mind at ease and support you with your Canadian Pardon or US Entry Waiver today. Contact Us for an appointment and to discuss our services.