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Immigration in to Canada

Business Immigration

The Business Immigration Program seeks to attract experienced business people to Canada who will support the development of the Canadian economy.

Business immigrants are expected to make a C$800,000 investment or to own and manage businesses in Canada, and must meet certain experience and/or net worth criteria.

The criteria you must meet to qualify are different for each class, each application can be made for only one class and the class cannot be changed once the application is submitted.


Investors must:

  • show that they have business experience
  • have a minimum net worth of C$1,600,000 and
  • make a C$800,000 investment.
  • They must also show that they have enough money to support themselves and their dependants after they arrive in Canada.

Your investment is managed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and is guaranteed by the Canadian provinces that use it to create jobs and help their economies grow, CIC will return your C$800,000 investment, without interest, about five years and two months after payment.

The investment is irrevocable and must be made for a minimum of 5 years with the federal government with no interest. The applicant need not manage the business nor be personally involved in it. The government fees are the same as for entrepreneur, but we do not usually charge a fee for a investor as we get a commission from the investment fund. The applicant must prove that he has earned his net worth through his own efforts and not by gift, inheritance, or some other means. Normally the applicant is a business person who owns and/or operated their own business in their home country.


The Entrepreneur Program seeks to attract experienced business persons who will own and actively manage businesses in Canada that contribute to the economy and create jobs so entrepreneurs must:

  • show that they have business experience
  • have a minimum net worth of C$300,000 that was obtained legally and
  • respect the conditions for entrepreneurs after arrival in Canada.


The Self-Employed Persons Program seeks to attract applicants who have the intention and ability to become self-employed in Canada. Self-employed persons are required to have either:

  • relevant experience, at a world-class level,  that will make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada or
  • experience in farm management and the intention and ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.